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Born Ruffians, With Her Shadow

Morning. (at Indian Wells Beach)

Morning. (at Indian Wells Beach)

The Virgins, Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams

They’re baaaaack.

Political coverage that wants to be solely high-minded is missing huge chunks of the actual interplay of personality and power that is what actually drives things
Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed, NYTimes

Kidnap Kid, So Close

Hanging on hypem today, loving this track.

RIP Mayor Ed Koch

Ed Koch

open yet truthful,

caring for all New Yorkers,

dealing fairly with his opponents,

speaking his mind.

The premier mayor of N.Y.

The above was part of a poem I wrote in 7th grade about my favorite people, including Mayor Ed Koch. Mayor Koch was a tremendous role model to me in the way that he always spoke his mind and stood up passionately for what he believed in.

We will miss you Mayor Ed Koch. You were a great man.

And finally, paradise. #koyfmoon

And finally, paradise. #koyfmoon

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The work of the honeybadger! #koyfmoon

The work of the honeybadger! #koyfmoon

Tagged: #koyfmoon
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