Zev Chafets, Let Steroids Into the Hall of Fame -, 6/19/09 »

A very interesting contrarian perspective from Zev Chafets on baseball’s drug culture.  Although I’ve argued previously that drugs have polluted the game, and I still believe that to be the case, we have nonetheless crossed the chasm and there’s no going back.  Nearly every great player of the past decade or so has been linked to performance enhancing drugs.  Eliminating an entire era from baseball history is simply not feasible.

The only way to potentially stop this problem is by decriminalizing it.  The Player’s Association protecting their labor and the owners getting rich on homeruns certainly aren’t going to police it.  We must embrace complete transparency and openness, as personal shame and positive peer pressure are far more powerful forces than random urine tests.  If players want to juice, so be it.  At least they’ll have to answer to the world for doing so.

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